A Fantastic Week of Whalesharks

Whale Shark Sightings

Diving with a whale shark at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan What a week we have had diving at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan’s gem for scuba divers. There have been 5 sightings of Whale Sharks in the last 8 days alone! An amazing visibility of more than 30 meters and massive shoals of barracudas and bat fish have topped an incredible time of diving in Koh Phangan. Whale Sharks are regular visitors on Sail Rock. Diving with Whale Sharks is for sure one of the greatest experiences a scuba diver can have.


Whale Shark in July

We recorded this footage in July last year. This was just one of the many whale shark encounters in 2009. More shark videos of 2012 coming soon, we will keep you posted!