Koh Phangans Finathon

How many of you guys have dived Sail Rock and been lucky enough to see the magnificent Whale shark or the impressive underwater swagger of the Bull shark? if not then even more reason to help us protect the magnificent marine life around Koh Phangan.
Join Sail Rock Divers and friends of Koh Phangans Dive industry to help save our oceans, put a stop to shark finning and join our efforts in the global FINATHON.
15th of July we will be swimming the equivalent distance to Sail Rock from Chaloklam (approx 11km) in a relay style fun finathon.
After this we will be having a BBQ with all proceeds going to Finathon.

project aware

stop shark finning

Why are we doing this.

To put it bluntly, shark populations have been decimated. Globally. Tens of millions of sharks are slaughtered every year. Tonnes of shark fins are bought by restaurants everyday to keep up with the demand for shark fin soup. Shark populations take a long time to recover as they can take over seven years to reach maturity and they only produce one or two pups a year. Many species of sharks are listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union. In a few years many species of shark could become extinct if action is not taken immediately.

What will happen to the worlds oceans if sharks become extinct?

The large shark species are “apex” predators, they bring ecological balance to the marine environment, once they are gone, the effect will be catastrophic. If you remove apex predators from an ecosystem the result is the same as removing the foundations from a building – total collapse.

Balanced eco system
Shark eats fish,
Fish eat shell fish
Shellfish clean our seas
Unbalanced eco system
Fish have no predators
Fish eat too much shell fish
The end.


save our sharks


Sail Rock Divers Clean Up at Samran Pinnacles

Samran PinnaclesOur clean up of Samran started at 7.30 am where 10 eager divers had gathered to clean up a group of submerged pinnacles  12 km north of Phangan. We had been given reports from local fishermen that a huge trawling net had been snagged around the entire dive site.
After a 15 minute boat ride we arrived at the GPS coordinates for the pinnacles. First in the water was Alex Arnold the owner of Sail rock divers to assess the damage and to formulate a plan of action.

Samran Pinnacles Clean UpLogistics and Dive Briefing out of the way we all entered the water and descended to the top of the pinnacles at around 15meters. The net looked as though it was choking the dive site, hard and soft corals where barely visible due to the amount of net. A solitary anemone fish hovered over the discarded net unable to reach the protection of the anemone trapped below. Many fish where cut free, but for some we were far too late. After 2 dives we are glad to say that 90 % of the reef and pinnacles were clear. We are now starting a weekly monitoring program of Samran pinnacles to ensure the dive site remains rich and vibrant. A big Thank you to Neil, Steve, Alex, Eva, Caro, Eike, Tony, Amber, Bo and the dedicated divers who without your help this would not have been possible.