I think we need a bigger boat.

Bull Shark at Sail Rock

Bull Sharks on Sail Rock 2012Another fantastic day here at Sail Rock Divers, yesterday we had a full boat of divers all hoping to see the Bull sharks which have taken up residency at Sail Rock, There are reported to be 3 sharks in total but no one can be so sure, what is for sure is that i went for a dive yesterday and personally saw 2 very large and very mature Bull sharks.I gathered a few details from the divers who had seen them on previous days and armed with this knowledge i made my descent into the Blue, upon reaching Bat Fish pinnacle I positioned myself with my back to the pinnacle and waited, after seeing schools of Barracuda, Giant Groupers and Fusiliers i noticed a dark shape approaching me, As my heart began to beat faster than any hard core trance anthem, I noticed the dark shape had a few different characteristics than what i had expected, such as a 12 liter tank on its back, a camera in its hand and curly brown hair, it was Eike Sail Rocks resident Marine Biologist, who by the way, is 6 Feet 6 inches tall. 

As we both started to sigh a breath of relief and make our formal underwater greetings, I noticed yet another dark shadow slowly moving towards us. Then as I turned to signal Eike I saw his eyes open up as wide as dustbin lids and his huge finger pointing in the same direction of the latest dark shadow, SHARK was what we both tried to shout but being 20 meters under the water with a regulator in our mouths it sounded more like SHOE; far less scarier and meaning nothing at all when diving. Then the shark appeared; slow, purposeful, magnificent and huge! The Bull Shark that we had come to see, the hypnotic affect that seeing such an apex predator has on you goes against every instinct the human being should have. The second one appeared, seconds later and not knowing where too look next, we both starred at each other with massive grins on our face and signaled OK, and as quick as the encounter had happened both sharks gracefully disappeared back into the blue.

So regardless to popular belief humans are not on the Bull Sharks menu, so why in the name of all things worth preserving ARE THEY ON OURS. A wonderful day and an amazing experience that will stay with me forever.


Diver Education AWARD 2012

Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education Award

Sail Rock Divers Resort in Chaloklum, Koh Phangan, Thailand, has won the 2012 Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education Award!Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education AWARD 2012We proudly announce that we have been given the OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO DIVER EDUCATION AWARD 2012! We therefore would like to thank all of our staff, diving instructors and divemasters alike, both past and present, for their dedication and hard work they have given to Sail Rock Divers. Our great team work has lead to this amazing achievement today! Sail Rock Divers in Chaloklum is now officially the Premier PADI Dive School on Koh Phangan. We will continue to give our best to teach our diving students more than just scuba diving, and to hand down our experience to new PADI diving instructors. If you feel like changing your life to the better right now, and becoming a member of our dive team, have a look at how easily you can become a diving instructor on Koh Phangan!


A Fantastic Week of Whalesharks

Whale Shark Sightings

Diving with a whale shark at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan What a week we have had diving at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan’s gem for scuba divers. There have been 5 sightings of Whale Sharks in the last 8 days alone! An amazing visibility of more than 30 meters and massive shoals of barracudas and bat fish have topped an incredible time of diving in Koh Phangan. Whale Sharks are regular visitors on Sail Rock. Diving with Whale Sharks is for sure one of the greatest experiences a scuba diver can have.


Chaloklums Frog Fish and Sea Horses

Underwater World Koh Phangan

Seahorse in Koh PhanganDiving Koh Phangan has never been so good! After a few reports of sea horses and octopus sightings underneath Chaloklum pier we decided to go on a night dive to check it out for ourselves. What an amazing dive it was! Wwe managed to spot 5 octopus, 2 seahorses, 2 unidentified nudibranches which we are trying very hard to find in every fish journal that is available for this area, without results. We also spotted a pure white scorpion fish and a free swimming frog fish. Now thats not bad for a single night dive just off the beach in Koh Phangan. Photos will follow soon as will a video. We were lucky enough to have our professional award winning underwater photographer Alexey Zaytsev with us, and Evgeny Kovban on video to record the whole dive. Night dive anyone..?