Football fever

After waiting another 4 painstaking  years for the EURO championship football i came very close to ending it all, it was touch and go whether or not i switched channels and watched tennis. This choice to change my life long passion for football to my least favorite sport was taken out of my hands by the good people at true visions Thailand, it started at 8pm last night when after rigging up 2 flat screen LCD TVs and a big screen projector i was informed that the rights to broadcast the football were in the control of Thai GMM a terrestrial TV network which doesn’t use satellite. It was shown on channel 3/5/7 for free. true vision also has these channels however GMM blocked the signal so it came up with a friendly message which roughly translated to up yours ugly you aint getting football tonight. So the true vision Platinum HD multi package that i subscribe to cannot even pick up a crappy free signal that you could probably get by sticking a bent fork in the back of the TV. So here are the plans we have so far.  Try to acquire a Thai GMM box from someone, wait for true vision to sort out there finance department and spend some money, Try the fork trick,  get 700m of copper cable, climb to the top of our highest mountain with a portable TV and a coat hanger, move to Poland or start watching woman’s volley ball and sod football one and for all. The truth of the matter is England will probably be knocked out after group 1 stage, Germany and Portugal in the final so do i really care….YES i do…
It’s not all bad i live on a tropical island.

If this doesnt work i give up

this has to work