Bull sharks and more Bull sharks

Another great short video taken at sail rock by Evgeny, Bull sharks seem to be everywhere at the moment, Whaleshark sightings nearly every other day and schools of fish covering the entire rock. Diving Koh Phangan is amazing and deserves the recognition of being a world class dive site, another great addition to the dive site are the Giant Morays which we are seeing nearly every dive.


Yesterdays Bull sharks at Sail Rock

Yet again another great days diving with our group from Switzerland, Knut and his team of divers from Red Fish Dive club Arlesheim have been diving with us for the last 4 days and have been lucky enough to see the majestic sharks on numerous occasions, today they are on the 3 pinnacle dive trip in search of the elusive Whaleshark, fingers crossed they are lucky enough to see one. Also today the speed boat is taking fun divers out to the rock so all dive sites are covered. This is another short video filmed by Evgeny at sail rock, diving Koh Phangan just doesnt get any better.


The Bull Sharks are Back!

Bull Shark Diving in Koh Phangan

Bull Sharks at Sail Rock Scuba diving at Sail Rock has just got better, already the best dive site in the gulf of Thailand and just 11km from Koh Phangan Sail Rock has just stamped its seal on being a world class dive site. The last 2 weeks we have had a minimum of 6 bull sharks taking up residency there, including 1 giant bull at just under 3m long and built like a tank. On top of this we have had the regular Whaleshark visits and crystal clear water. We are even getting Dive boats from Koh Tao making the 2 hour journey to come and see Koh phangans hidden gem.

We are not sure how long they are going to hang around but we hope with sensible diving practices these magnificent creatures will be sharing Sail Rock for ages to come.
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A Fantastic Week of Whalesharks

Whale Shark Sightings

Diving with a whale shark at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan What a week we have had diving at Sail Rock, Koh Phangan’s gem for scuba divers. There have been 5 sightings of Whale Sharks in the last 8 days alone! An amazing visibility of more than 30 meters and massive shoals of barracudas and bat fish have topped an incredible time of diving in Koh Phangan. Whale Sharks are regular visitors on Sail Rock. Diving with Whale Sharks is for sure one of the greatest experiences a scuba diver can have.