Diving deals on Koh Phangan with Sail Rock Divers

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Special offer

Its slowly coming to the end of the year so the team here at Sail Rock Divers have decided to put on a special offer from now until Christmas, the deal is an Open water course, an Advanced open water course including all materials and certification fees plus 4 nights accommodation in our own aircon bungalows for the great price of only 19,500 THB, this is a saving of 5000 THB. This has the added bonus of being able to dive the world famous Sail Rock a minimum of 2 separate dive trips which gives you more chance of seeing the spectacular Whaleshark.


diving the east pinnacle koh phangan

what a fabulous year of diving we have had at sail rock, the gulf of Thailands premier dive site, Whalesharks, bull sharks and crystal clear waters have made sail rock a true contender for a position as one of the top ten dive sites in the world, we have never seen so many fish and such diversity as we have in the last few years which is mainly due to the tighter restrictions on fishing and the constant effort being made by all dive centres on koh Phangan to protect our local dive sites. This is another short video taken at the east pinnacle and it shows the amount of fish we see on every dive.


Bull sharks and more Bull sharks

Another great short video taken at sail rock by Evgeny, Bull sharks seem to be everywhere at the moment, Whaleshark sightings nearly every other day and schools of fish covering the entire rock. Diving Koh Phangan is amazing and deserves the recognition of being a world class dive site, another great addition to the dive site are the Giant Morays which we are seeing nearly every dive.


More Whale sharks and Bull sharks at Sail Rock

Any one who has heard of diving in the Gulf of Thailand has quite often overlooked the paradise island of Koh Phangan, being in the shadow of Koh Tao, Phangan is only just being recognised as a top diving destination, Diving koh phangan has so much to offer from the magnificent sea horses and frog fish that we see on night dives at Chaloklum to the majestic Whale sharks and Bull sharks of Sail rock, We still have easy access to all of the Koh tao sites with the added bonus of being able to dive the Marine park, Samran pinnacles and of course our local dive site and the best site in the gulf of Thailand which is Sail Rock.
Check out some of our videos on http://www.youtube.com and see for yourself @ SailRock DailyNews


Yesterdays Bull sharks at Sail Rock

Yet again another great days diving with our group from Switzerland, Knut and his team of divers from Red Fish Dive club Arlesheim have been diving with us for the last 4 days and have been lucky enough to see the majestic sharks on numerous occasions, today they are on the 3 pinnacle dive trip in search of the elusive Whaleshark, fingers crossed they are lucky enough to see one. Also today the speed boat is taking fun divers out to the rock so all dive sites are covered. This is another short video filmed by Evgeny at sail rock, diving Koh Phangan just doesnt get any better.