Life changing dive careers

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

Become a dive instructor and transform your life forever,
It is not just the incredible feeling of being underwater, but also the amazing friends that you will make and  being surrounded by people of all different ages, cultures and backgrounds but that all share the same love of the ocean and of the scuba diving lifestyle. A career as a dive instructor will open so many doors and take you in many directions with the only limits being your imagination.
This video produced by Padi says it all.


This week on Koh Phangan

What a week of diving we have had at Sail Rock, 2 Whalesharks and bags of fish everywhere. At the moment we are going through a bit of patchy weather which is unusual  for this time of year, a little bit of rain in the afternoon and choppy seas, the crystal clear diving out at sail rock has been fantastic, lots of huge schools of batfish, fusiliers, barracudas, jacks and giant groupers. The whalesharks are also making an appearance as well.

At Sail Rock divers this week we had a Project aware Finathon to raise money and awareness for the protection of sharks and the banning of shark finning. In total we raised 895AUD and had a lot of fun in the process.We would like to thank the 50 plus people that turned up to lend a hand and help us raise the money.
A special thanks goes to Mel from ConTiki tours, Seb from Shiralea Backpackers resort  and Bovey from Ocean View for your kind donations and help.

Emma and Peter also got to see there first Whaleshark at the beginning of the week and as i am writing this we have been phoned from the boat with another whaleshark at Sail Rock. Happy Days.


Koh Phangans Finathon

How many of you guys have dived Sail Rock and been lucky enough to see the magnificent Whale shark or the impressive underwater swagger of the Bull shark? if not then even more reason to help us protect the magnificent marine life around Koh Phangan.
Join Sail Rock Divers and friends of Koh Phangans Dive industry to help save our oceans, put a stop to shark finning and join our efforts in the global FINATHON.
15th of July we will be swimming the equivalent distance to Sail Rock from Chaloklam (approx 11km) in a relay style fun finathon.
After this we will be having a BBQ with all proceeds going to Finathon.

project aware

stop shark finning

Why are we doing this.

To put it bluntly, shark populations have been decimated. Globally. Tens of millions of sharks are slaughtered every year. Tonnes of shark fins are bought by restaurants everyday to keep up with the demand for shark fin soup. Shark populations take a long time to recover as they can take over seven years to reach maturity and they only produce one or two pups a year. Many species of sharks are listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union. In a few years many species of shark could become extinct if action is not taken immediately.

What will happen to the worlds oceans if sharks become extinct?

The large shark species are “apex” predators, they bring ecological balance to the marine environment, once they are gone, the effect will be catastrophic. If you remove apex predators from an ecosystem the result is the same as removing the foundations from a building – total collapse.

Balanced eco system
Shark eats fish,
Fish eat shell fish
Shellfish clean our seas
Unbalanced eco system
Fish have no predators
Fish eat too much shell fish
The end.


save our sharks


Is it time for a change

Waking up every morning, looking out of the window and the first thing you notice is the cleanliness of the air followed by the aromatic smell of palm trees with a hint of the sea just to top it off, and thats before you have even opened your eyes and gazed at the natural beauty that surounds us, finish that off with the sound of waves breaking and you will experience a koh phangan sense overload, pretty much a daily occurrence.
If you have ever dreamed of living and working on a paradise island then wake yourself up and make it so. The unique offer that we are having this year is the life changing GOPRO 7 month internship, This is a real opportunity to make the break and embark on an epic journey into the world of diving. We will take you from a non diver to a Master scuba diver trainer and give you at least 1 months payed work experience. Contact our GOPRO team on [email protected] and we can   arrange a personal Skype video call so we can answer all of your questions.





More shark action and the latest news from koh phangan

The diving around Koh Phangan is still amazing, whale sharks yesterday and an unbelievable amount of fish life everywhere, Dave and Alex have just been on tour to the west coast of Thailand for a Padi sponsored event which took place on a live aboard with Khao lak scuba adventures, In the near future we are hoping to be <working along side KSA offering live aboard trips to the similan islands. Evgeny is still busy filming everyday and Greg and Nick are back from England to help us for the next 5 months.
This is just another short clip from sail rock