International Discover Scuba Diving Day

Discover Scuba Diving Day Discover Scuba Diving in Koh Phangan – Yesterday started with our boat going back to Sail Rock with 20 divers of all levels looking for the Bull sharks and then finished off with 15 discover scuba divers from Russia, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and England all participating in the PADI DSD program and getting easy for there dive today at Sail Rock. The sea is really calm and the visibility is around 25 meters so all in all they all should have a great day.


Bull Sharks are Back Again

Once again – Bull Sharks on Sail Rock

Bull Sharks on Sail Rock Todays dives at Sail Rock was excellent, 3 bull sharks were spotted at bat fish pinnacle at a depth of around 20 meters, The sharks are reported to be around 2m long and we believe they are females.
These pictures were taken today by one of our guests who was fun diving today,sail rock divers would like to thank Magnus for providing us with these pictures.

With Whale-Sharks, Manta Rays and now Bull Sharks I’m convinced that we can safely say that Sail Rock is one of the best dive sites in Thailand!


3 new Divemaster trainees

Sail rock divers would like to welcome our 3 new DMTs Kayleigh, Evgeny and Elyssa. We will be following there progress with weekly updates, photos and videos. So it all starts today so lets see 3 recreational divers turn into professionals.

Kayleigh and Russia


Yesterday was a mixed bag of activities included bubble makers in the pool with nods teaching them, discover scuba divers getting ready for there dives at sail rock today and 2 new dive master trainees started and a boat full of fun divers, all in all a busy day with loads of excitement.

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Its a hard life

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Another video clip filmed by Evgeny showing many reasons why we have the best job in the world, beautiful seas, fantastic view from the office, great customers who are always happy and we get payed as well.