Marine park rocks as well.

The sail rock team headed off to the National marine park a few days ago with a few friends from Padi and oceans below videography team. The idea was to make a short film highlighting the reasons people should try Koh Phangan as a dive and holiday destination. The reason we choose the marine park over sail rock is purely because the whole world knows how good the rock is and not many people know who cool the national park is. The diversity and abundance of coral and fish life are the main attraction of the the 2 dive sites that we use, however the stunning beauty of the islands above water is just another reason this day trip is so popular. This is another short film taken by Russia


Clean up day with the Thai navy

Our annual clean up day happened on the 8th of August and was a complete success, along with the thai navy, the Thai government and a lot of volunteers and friends, sail rocks boat heading round to Koh Ma And Mae Haad, on board we had 32 divers all ready for the task in hand and with the guidance of the Thai navy who were on board as well, we commenced our clean up. Mae haad is one of our favourite dive sites due to the fact it has a beautiful fringing coral reef which unfortunately over the past 4 years has deteriorated somewhat due to overfishing and bad snorkelling practices, thankfully with the combined efforts of many dive schools and local governments it is nearly back to its former glory. During the clean up we were lucky enough to have see a huge cobia, a jenkins whip tail ray and a hawksbill turtle. Another positive note was the fact that last year and the year before we undertook a clam relocation project and we are very happy to say that the giant clam population is now very healthy. All in all a very successful day, lots of hard work and plenty of fun had by all.


Living In Paradise

We’ll find paradise together, whatever form that might take.
Have you ever layed back and dreamed of yourself relaxing on a paradise beach, sipping ice cold cocktails whilst listening to the sea lapping over your toes and the indescribable noise of the jungle behind you as it gets ready for the sun to set and a new life to begin?
Living and working on a paradise island is easily within your reach. Becoming a dive professional is the best way of achieving this goal, the three things that make a good dive destination are sun, sea and sand, so to sum that up Paradise. Working in the dive industry will give you a ticket to travel, meet people you probably would have never meet, understand different cultures and really get a chance to live your life.
How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.
Becoming a Padi professional is not only a career its a way of life, our GOPRO packages are the ideal way to kick start your adventure. At Sail Rock we offer all inclusive packages and tailor made packages to suit all of your needs, please feel free to contact us with any questions.
The offer of the year is 5 free instructor specialities when you sign up for your full IDC.

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living in paradise


Koh Phangans premier dive sites

Yet again the diving on Koh Phangan is just getting even better, check out the amount of fish in this video, this is a daily occurrence, huge schools of travel, snapper, fusiliers, bat fish and barracuda, we have already started this year with 3 whale shark sightings,diving koh phangan is one of the best dive destinations in thailand, another great video filmed by Evgeny


diving the east pinnacle koh phangan

what a fabulous year of diving we have had at sail rock, the gulf of Thailands premier dive site, Whalesharks, bull sharks and crystal clear waters have made sail rock a true contender for a position as one of the top ten dive sites in the world, we have never seen so many fish and such diversity as we have in the last few years which is mainly due to the tighter restrictions on fishing and the constant effort being made by all dive centres on koh Phangan to protect our local dive sites. This is another short video taken at the east pinnacle and it shows the amount of fish we see on every dive.