Clean up day with the Thai navy

Our annual clean up day happened on the 8th of August and was a complete success, along with the thai navy, the Thai government and a lot of volunteers and friends, sail rocks boat heading round to Koh Ma And Mae Haad, on board we had 32 divers all ready for the task in hand and with the guidance of the Thai navy who were on board as well, we commenced our clean up. Mae haad is one of our favourite dive sites due to the fact it has a beautiful fringing coral reef which unfortunately over the past 4 years has deteriorated somewhat due to overfishing and bad snorkelling practices, thankfully with the combined efforts of many dive schools and local governments it is nearly back to its former glory. During the clean up we were lucky enough to have see a huge cobia, a jenkins whip tail ray and a hawksbill turtle. Another positive note was the fact that last year and the year before we undertook a clam relocation project and we are very happy to say that the giant clam population is now very healthy. All in all a very successful day, lots of hard work and plenty of fun had by all.


Sail Rock Divers Clean Up at Samran Pinnacles

Samran PinnaclesOur clean up of Samran started at 7.30 am where 10 eager divers had gathered to clean up a group of submerged pinnacles  12 km north of Phangan. We had been given reports from local fishermen that a huge trawling net had been snagged around the entire dive site.
After a 15 minute boat ride we arrived at the GPS coordinates for the pinnacles. First in the water was Alex Arnold the owner of Sail rock divers to assess the damage and to formulate a plan of action.

Samran Pinnacles Clean UpLogistics and Dive Briefing out of the way we all entered the water and descended to the top of the pinnacles at around 15meters. The net looked as though it was choking the dive site, hard and soft corals where barely visible due to the amount of net. A solitary anemone fish hovered over the discarded net unable to reach the protection of the anemone trapped below. Many fish where cut free, but for some we were far too late. After 2 dives we are glad to say that 90 % of the reef and pinnacles were clear. We are now starting a weekly monitoring program of Samran pinnacles to ensure the dive site remains rich and vibrant. A big Thank you to Neil, Steve, Alex, Eva, Caro, Eike, Tony, Amber, Bo and the dedicated divers who without your help this would not have been possible.