Whats happening in the Dive Centre today? 3rd May

10154395_10152024652275423_3640858508271579512_nToday has been another hectic day, which is always good fun at a Dive Centre!  Our divers today are a varied bunch, with quite a few visitors being instructors from other parts of the world. Two are on their way back to Sweden from Bali, but came all the way here to dive Sail Rock, often referred to as the best site in the Gulf of Thailand. Another two are instructors who recently left Egypt and are on a 6 month holiday, travelling wherever the fancy takes them. Luckily, their fancy has taken them to us!  One instructor guiding another, especially if the visitor is more experienced,  is enough to scare the average instructor, but local knowledge normally makes up for any concerns they may have.

Most of our guests were on the boat today, so once we had checked everyone in and taken them to the Pier it was lovely and quiet back in the Centre.  However, the calm was soon shattered when Alex declared he was going for his once yearly dive (in the pool!!). The boys have been working hard behind the scenes to introduce our guests to the wonders of Sidemount Diving, a relatively new style of diving, whose origins come from cave diving. It involves wearing a harness and attaching the tanks at the sides instead of the traditional position on the back. Advocates claim the streamlining and weight distribution brings a new dimension to recreational diving.  At the moment, I have to say, the ‘streamlining’ bit appears to need work. Like toys at Christmas, the initial joy of getting delivery of the new kit was quickly overtaken by the task of trying to assemble and adjust it all, something which he seems to be doing as he swims continuously around the pool. Once it’s all done though, we’ll be ready to introduce any will participants to this new style of diving.

10154395_10152024652215423_8329158766066061583_nWhen the boat returns, there’s people back in the pool to finish off confined water work with an Open Water guest, although they do pause for a moment to pose for the camera.  Finishing off the day with the last of the theory, the dive centre goes quiet (apart from the compressor!) and another day comes to an end.