What’s happening in the Dive Centre today? 30th April

poolIn April, on Koh Phangan, Instructors are normally hanging around making a nuisance of themselves, but not so this year! It’s busy here at Sail Rock Divers, with both students and certified divers and its creating a great atmosphere around the place.  So we thought it might be nice to share with you all, as you stare out of your window at home looking at the rain (probably) pining for your next diving holiday (definitely), what’s going on at the centre.

Today sees a repeat guest, who did his Open Water course with Nods last year, return to us to embark on his Advanced course. He’s excited to get back in the water and, after a little tune-up, he will be diving at Sail Rock today. Most students are undecided which dives to do, but he has been planning this course for some time! He obviously fancies himself as a bit of a James Bond because he’s chosen to do the Diver Propulsion Vehicle adventure dive. No Boat or Fish ID dives for this youngster, tomorrow he’s already opted to do Underwater Videography, a rarely chosen but fantastic dive.  If you’ve ever tried taking photos underwater, you know how hard it can be, never mind videoing. We’ll check out the results tomorrow.

We are also starting an Open Water course today, with a lovely guest from the Ukraine.  His wife came to see us a few weeks ago and booked the course as a surprise Birthday present for him, so when we picked him up this morning, it was, well, a surprise!  Paper work done, he’s making himself comfortable in the classroom.

A group of American ladies who completed a Discover Scuba Diving experience with us yesterday have decided they like it so much they want to carry on, so with only 3 days to complete the course, it’s going to be a busy few days. Watching the swim test is something akin to watching the Olympics, as it turns out two of the sisters are captains of their local swim team. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen someone complete the 200m swim using Butterfly stroke, that’s just showing off!

Our fun divers are on the boat and a phone call from the guide lets us know that Sail Rock is stunning today, with 20m visibility. Wonder if the white-spotted thing will make an appearance…….

rainJust another day at Sail Rock Divers (PS If it makes you feel better, it rained today!)