Whats happening in the Dive Centre ? 7th May

One of our more 'serious' students!

One of our more ‘serious’ looking students!

With a few people off sick, it doesn’t take long before all our instructors are working and today is one of those days. As one of the few centres with a boat going out today, it’s strangely quiet around the village and on the pier.  Our diving guests range from a Rescue diver with a couple of hundred dives to a recently qualified Open Water diver, about to embark on his first ‘fun’ dives. We are also welcoming some snorkelers on board, one of which is very keen to watch his dad from the surface…in fact he doesn’t seem too bothered about the fish at all. That’ll change when he gets in!

In the centre, it’s the first day of an Open Water course, and Neil is the instructor. For the next three days, his student will be introduced to all aspects of diving, in a fun yet safe way. She is very excited and can’t wait to get in the water. After the first section of the theory is completed, Neil cracks and lets her in the pool. It’s earlier than normal, but with someone that enthusiastic, it seems cruel to keep them in a classroom-it feels like watching a caged puppy!!

Any ideas what they are doing?

Any ideas what they are doing?

The pool is a hive of activity today, there’s a mix of skills being done, so it’s a game of guess which confined session as a few locals pop in for a spot of lunch.

The afternoon brings us one more guest, a man who is desperate to go to Sail Rock, but has just got over a mild cold and is taking advantage of our daily free try dive in the pool to check his ears are okay before he books in for tomorrow. After a quick briefing he’s soon swimming around, ears ok. Then, as quick as a flash, he’s out again, filling in forms ready for tomorrow.  That’s what we like, an eager guest, and the centre seems full of them!