Halloween Party

Lets have some fun

Its that time of year again when we all get together for a fun night of fancy dress and great tunes. The main reason we celebrate at Sail Rock Divers on 'All Hallows' evening is that it marks the beginning of Rainy season for us. The high season is over and its time to unwind and relax before the next busy period over Xmas and new year.
Normally halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. The word 'Halloween' is a shortening of 'All Hallows’ evening also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve.

This years theme

This years halloween part theme is White..fright, night...so turn up in anything scary and white and get free food, vodka shots and loads of other spooky games.


halloween party

UFO sighting

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An unidentified 'Floating' object or UFO, has been filmed in UK waters.
With the recent deep space findings of a supposedly alien structure i thought i would keep things a bit closer to home... 
The so called 'jellyfish' was reportedly filmed during deep-sea drilling near the United Kingdom. The species is usually found approximately 5,000 feet below in the south Atlantic Ocean.

The creature created a mystery as it has organs and appendages never spotted on a jellyfish before.

Previously it was suggested that the floating blob could be a whale placenta, but the hexagonal shapes on the skin made that unlikely. 

Another guess was that the creature might be a Stygiomedusa Gigantea. This type of jellyfish - which can grow up to six metres in length - has only been spotted 114 times in 110 years, so details on it are scant.
But again, the appendages got in the way.
The animal’s brown stomach caused further confusion, as Deepstaria enigmatica are typically colourless, with one description saying the passages to the stomach are 'somewhat irregular-edged, forming a reticulate network'.
The hexagonal markings on the top of the creature led one commentator on the website Snopes - which tries to debunk or confirm rumours - to suggest this is simply nothing more than a fishing net.
Deepstaria enigmatica, is a jellyfish of the family Ulmaridae.  The bell of this jellyfish is very thin and wide and resembles a translucent, undulating sheet or lava lamp as the animal moves. They are usually found in Antarctic and near-Antarctic seas but have been spotted in waters near the United Kingdom, at depths of 829 to 1830 meters

UFO sighting


10 Things You Should Know About Diving


Divers are basically the astronauts of the sea. They have the ability to see things that billions of humans will never see in their lifetime. That’s why we at Sail Rock Divers believe that everyone should go diving at least one time in their life. So, in order to encourage you to take the leap or ahem… dive into the great abyss we’ve put together a list of 10 things you should know about diving:

1.It’s fun! 

Okay, let’s get the easy one out go the way first. Diving is fun and it’s not something everybody gets to do, so if you have the opportunity to do it you should.

10-Things-You-Should-Know-About-Diving.jpg2. You’ll make friends.

There are all kinds of lovely critters living underneath the sea and most of them are friendly so you are likely to find someone that would like to say hello.


3. You WILL see some weird sh**.

Remember when we said that being a diver is the closest thing to being an astronaut? Well, we weren’t kidding . Sea animals were the original aliens.


4. You’ll have a story to tell. 

Every diver has hundreds of stories about the things the’ve encountered and the people they have met.


5. You can help preserve life.

Humans are infamous for polluting the habitats of other animals 9including their own). You can help reverse our reputation as a species.


6. You’ll be a survivor.

When diving with Sail Rock Divers you will always be safe, nonetheless the sea is a dangerous place. You will have conquered it!


7. You’ll see cool fish!

You’ll be swimming in what is literally the worlds biggest fish tank.


8. It’s beautiful, even when it’s ugly.

Even the strangest things in the ocean have a certain kind of beauty to them.


9. It’s totally safe.

Most people that are afraid of diving are afraid of shark related encounters. Most divers pray for the day that they will actually ever see one.


10. Even this cat is a diver.

This adorable cat is doing it, give it a shot. 😉



Ditch the desk, live the dream!

blog1It’s time to introduce our latest Divemaster Trainees, 2 divers who have decided to take the first step on the professional diving ladder and want to achieve their dream of working in the diving industry and we are more than happy to help them make that dream a reality!

Firstly, we have Ros, who has been with us for a couple of months and is on the home stretch, with just 3 weeks left. Ros used to work ‘in insurance’ before being tempted from behind her desk after she heard about us from her sister Harry, who you may remember from previous blogs. A complete non diver, she completed her Open Water course and following in her sisters footsteps, decided to stay.

Luke is early on in his course, having to spend time getting enough dives to start his Divemaster course. Working as a computer programmer, he decided to ditch his geeky side and head to Thailand. He came to us to do just his Open Water course. After that, he fancied Advanced, at which point the bug hit and he signed up for the Rescue & EFR and onto Divemaster package and moved his belongings into the resort!

Follow our blog for up to date news on their progress and share the highs (and lows!) of undertaking the Divemaster Course


Padi Sidemount diver

padi instructor development

padi sidemount course thailand

Fancy a bit on the side? Sign up for our PADI Sidemount course and stand out from the crowd, Sidemount was originally designed specifically for cave diving, however it has grown in popularity with recreational divers and for the month of September we are offering a discounted price.

What are the benefits of Sidemount?

Sidemount configuration provides Increased air safety with complete control over your own air supply, easier access to your cylinder valves, first stages and alternate air sources should a problem arise. It gives you a more streamlined diving position with greater control over your buoyancy.

Our courses will be conducted over 3-4 days with an extra dive thrown in free of charge.

Padi Sidemount diver course September  price 10,000 Thai Baht

For more information please contact us: