Man Vs Sea

Koh Phangan 7.00am on June the 5th,  normally anyone from the Island would be slapping on the Coconut Oil, donning there fake Quicksilver Boardies. searching for their Ray Bans, which they have probably left in the front basket of the Honda Dream which has fallen over because the stand hasn’t been put down,  off to work they would go with a grin on their face and a spring in their step. Its June and June is always sunny and beautiful with flat seas and gin clear water.  The only problem is Mother Nature is not playing ball and has other plans for our Paradise Island.  Let me paint you a different picture,  its 7.00 am on June the 5th and as I poked my head out of my bungalow my eyebrows were blown off by the gale force 10 that decide to rear its ugly head.  No Coconut Oil today unless one pings off  of one of the trees that at the moment looks like they are bowing over to the wrath of mother nature, the Boardies have turned into fake Diesel jeans and the hoodies are out so instead of looking like professional Dive Instructors we look like a bunch of wannabe gangsters from Croydon.  The flat calm sea resembles Neptune trying to straighten out his duvet after a night out on the town and the only thing that looks gin clear is the G and T that I am going to pour myself when the boat returns from its roller-coaster ride to the Rock, even the Andrea Gail would be having second thoughts and trust me this is not the Grand Banks its the Gulf of Thailand.  So all in all not the typical morning on Koh Phangan,  however a little bit of adventure is always a bonus.

Man Vs Sea……
Sea wins every time which is why i am sitting at my bar writing this.


Another day in paradise

just as i finished writing this the sun has beaten its way through the clouds and is starting to fry the only exposed part of my body which happens to be my nose, so factor 50 here i come.


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