Is it time for a change

Waking up every morning, looking out of the window and the first thing you notice is the cleanliness of the air followed by the aromatic smell of palm trees with a hint of the sea just to top it off, and thats before you have even opened your eyes and gazed at the natural beauty that surounds us, finish that off with the sound of waves breaking and you will experience a koh phangan sense overload, pretty much a daily occurrence.
If you have ever dreamed of living and working on a paradise island then wake yourself up and make it so. The unique offer that we are having this year is the life changing GOPRO 7 month internship, This is a real opportunity to make the break and embark on an epic journey into the world of diving. We will take you from a non diver to a Master scuba diver trainer and give you at least 1 months payed work experience. Contact our GOPRO team on [email protected] and we can   arrange a personal Skype video call so we can answer all of your questions.