Harry’s Divemaster Diary – Part 8

poolToday myself and a fellow Divemaster trainee are being assessed for our Skills Circuit. This is a vital part of the course as it allows Divemasters to conduct Scuba Reviews for guests who need a refresher after not diving for a while.  My previous attempts have been interesting to say the least, but I’ve been practicing hard and it’s now time to hopefully get one more tick in the box!

My nerves are settled today and I descend into the depths -3 metres actually – with an air of (hopefully not false) confidence as Blue, my other Instructor, tells us to start. Working through all 24 skills (yes, there really are that many on an Open Water course) seems so much easier than my awkward first few attempts, and I’ve found a great way to slow down my movements is to talk myself through every skill. Mask clearing is something like this in my head….”Pull skirt from top of face, allow water in, place fingers on rim of mask, look to the sky, point at my nose as I start to breath out through it, look at student and show no water left in mask”. If I do the demonstration only as quickly as I can say it, then it looks slow, and more importantly easy! This method has the added bonus of ensuring I don’t miss any steps to a skill.

duckAnd so it continues, regulator recovery, CESA, no mask swim; you name it, we did it (and very well we think!). Just as we come to the end, the centre starts getting busy as the guests return from the boat. Only then do I remember that the only skill left is Skin Diving. This means duck diving, followed by an underwater swim which ends with a graceful resurfacing and snorkel clear. It’s not that I’m worried about the skill, I quite enjoy this one, it’s the realisation that once guests are back at the centre they tend to gaze in the direction of the pool whilst enjoying their post dive beverages. What are they going to see today? My backside, that’s what! Hopefully not repeatedly, I plan to nail this one first time. Luckily, 2 minutes later, with only one sighting of my rear, I’m done!

Looking forward to a cold Singer and dreaming of the roast dinner that I’m having at the Centre tonight, I almost choke when Blue announces we are going to gain some night-diving experience this evening and to show up at 6.30, ready to go.

But really, I can’t really complain, I’ve been promised a Sea Horse (I’ll hold Blue to that one). You don’t get that sat on your sofa watching Eastenders……..