Harry’s Divemaster Diary – Part 7

mappOut on the boat today to guide, but I also need to finish my Mapping project that is an important part of my Divemaster course.  This is as basic as it sounds, a map of a dive site, but it is far from easy! Given everything looks bigger and closer underwater, getting the distances right on any given dive site is really hard! Distances are best measured by fin kicks or time, but either one can vary, as I am finding out, due to currents, or even tiredness (now that one I know about today!).  What measured 30 metres on the way out, now comes in at 37, according to my little legs. Hmm, what to do. Trying to think like an instructor, that is on my toes, I rope in the help of another Divemaster Trainee, Aysenur, and between us we devise a plan. I have my Surface Marker Buoy with me (essentially an inflatable balloon attached to a line which is used to mark your position when underwater to ward off boat traffic) so we can actually mark on the line distances and measure them out later! Genius. So off we go, measuring pinnacle to main reef, width of the chimney, and anything else we think we might need to create an accurate map.  Depth is easy to calculate using my dive computer (which I vow never to forget again Dave & all at Sail Rock Divers) and pretty soon we have a reasonable looking map, all recorded on my trusty slate.

slateBack at the centre, we start filling in the blanks on the slate, and using the pool as a reference (we know its 15m long) start to write in distances. However, instead of the organized duo we thought we were, we realize that we are simply two rather confused Divemaster Trainees staring at a piece of rope with a load of marks on it. Logic (that I didn’t think we possessed) prevails and we realise that from previous dives we can guess how far apart certain things are on the dive site, and we quickly eliminate enough to be able to create a half decent map. Go us!

I think today is the first day that I’ve felt truly confident in my abilities and believing Dave when he says I will deserve my Divemaster Certification. But he keeps muttering something about a funnel? What’s that?