Harry’s Divemaster Diary – Part 4

buddyAnother busy few days, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I’ve been let loose on the boats with already qualified divers for the last few days, and I’m really enjoying this part of the Divemaster course.

I’m learning all about the logistics of running a dive day and boy, do we work hard! The crewlist tells me who is coming, and it’s up to me to make sure we have enough tanks and that the correct gear goes on the boat (I’m sure someone is watching in the background in case I miss something!).  I’m getting up earlier here than I ever did at home, but there’s little time to relax, get a coffee, read the paper…. All the things I associated with mornings. At the moment, even brushing my hair is low on the priority list as I run around trying to make sure this boat is ready to go!

Once on the boat, the pace doesn’t slow. Set up the oxygen, brief the guests, move the tanks around, the list just never stops. But what fun. The sun is shining, the guests are excited and the sea is flat and I get to guide the guests today! What more could a girl ask for? And then it hits me….

Turns out one of these may have come in handy!

Turns out one of these may have come in handy!

I’ll just rewind a few minutes. Picture the scene if you will. The guests are briefed and ready to dive, kitting up and chatting amongst  themselves about the possibility of spotting a big white spotty fish (tradition says you don’t ever mention these beauties by name, as to do so is the kiss of death),  and just as I’ve overseen the buddy checks I realize my terrible mistake. Not only do I realize, but I am also going to have to tell Dave, as I’m not going to be able to hide this from him. A quick nod in his direction, followed by my best stonefish impression alerts him to a problem, and as he crosses the boat in full kit I decide to just blurt it out….I’ve forgotten my computer. To be fair, he didn’t explode or spontaneously combust, but just the look was enough to tell me this was a major error. Without any hint of annoyance or blame, the guests are informed that Dave is now guiding, not me.

We have a great day, but looming on the horizon is always that fact that I missed out on getting another skill signed off towards my Divemaster certification. When the guests are gone, we sit down for our daily debrief. I managed to at least hang my head in shame as Dave opens his mouth…and laughs! Apparently all is not lost, it’s just a lesson to learn and at least I managed to do everything else really well (hurray!). Everyone makes mistakes, including Dave (I’ve yet to see one!), and it’s the learning curve that matters.

As I write up my log book later, chatting to the staff and planning what lovely local food to have that evening, I realize that this life is something I can see myself happy in. (Sorry Mum!)