Harry’s Divemaster Diary – Part 3

skillsWow, time seems to be flying by. Another day, another lot of stuff to learn! Perfecting a skills circuit is a crucial step towards becoming a Divemaster, as it is means that my demonstration level is, sorry a bit premature, should be of a standard that would allow a student to replicate it with ease. This is important for many reasons, but it’s also a must if you want to become one of the elite Goddesses of the Sea, by which I obviously mean a PADI Instructor!

I am given a certain amount of grace to begin with, although I know all these skills, I did them to pass my Open Water Course, I can’t necessarily show someone how to do them yet, and that’s my challenge. In the pool, I get nervous, and quickly discover that descending with a snorkel in is something you really only want to do once (and Dastardly Dave didn’t tell me I was about to do it!) Once recovered, we descend properly and the skills begin. I’m amazed the difference between an instructor demonstration and a student, now that I’m watching it from the other side. Go slowly is the overriding advice. When I give mask clearing a go, I feel like I’m going so slowly I might fall asleep! Dave stops me and tells me to slow down. Seriously?? Any slower and I’ll go into rigor mortis! As I watch and then attempt to demonstrate skill after skill, it hits me how highly trained a PADI Divemaster is. I leave the water as a very tired bunny, but my mind has only one goal… to be somewhere near as good as Dave.

P1190009Whilst I embrace the ever changing life of a Divemaster trainee, I’m still a little shocked when told that I will be modeling this afternoon, not a career a particularly think I’m cut out for, but hey.  Whilst doing a run through of what make up managed to make it to Thailand in my limited luggage and wondering where my ‘nice’ bikini is, Dave appears with an armful of shiny looking kit which, of which I don’t recognize one piece. Realising the make up and bikini are destined to remain in my room, I let him start attaching stuff to me. ‘Stuff’ turns out to be his brand new Sidemount equipment which he needs to see on someone else to get the configuration right. I take it in my stride as I am clipped, unclipped, tightening, loosened and generally prodded while hearing the occasional grunt or triumphant laugh.

It may not be as glamorous as I first thought, but I’ve had far worse days at work!