Harry’s Divemaster Diary – Final Entry!

rescueWhat an emotional day it’s been. Myself and Aysenur, the other Divemaster Trainee here at Sail Rock Divers, have just completed out last day. I’m not sure if I’ve done enough to pass yet, as Dave is keeping his cards close to his chest.

I was actually a little sad this morning -whilst checking guests, counting tanks, organizing kit, I realise this is the last time I’ll be doing it (for a while at least!).  Once on the boat, it appears I don’t have any extra ‘surprise’ things to test me, just my Rescue Assessment and Final Exam. I’ve already learnt this during my Rescue Course, but obviously if I intend to work in the diving industry, then I must be proficient at this skill. Obviously I hope I never have to actually do a rescue in real life, but it’s a reality you have to accept if you want to dive for a living.

I feel a little like a confused octopus as my hands move around, de-kitting my ‘victim’ whilst on the move and ensuring I don’t accidentally dunk her under the water.  Luckily we don’t use paying guests in this role, it’s normally another instructor or Divemaster Trainee. Aysenur lucked out today and got roped in. She does a great job of pretending that I’m not really dripping water into her eyes occasionally, although if you were doing this for real, that would be the last of your worries for both you and the victim!

The trip back to the centre is the longest one ever, as I await news. Have I passed the assessment? Was my last minute cramming for the exam a good idea or did I confuse myself. The most important question is can I really consider swapping my traffic laden commute to work for a walk along the beach?

relaxWhile everyone else is chilling out with a beer in hand, Aysenur and me sit down and start the exam.  I start second guessing my every answer. Before I explode and turn into an un-set jelly, I take a minute to have a stern word with myself. I know all these answers, I’ve lived and breathed scuba diving for the last month. So going back to the old diving adage – Stop, Think, Act – I carry on and before I know it I’m all done. Handing my paper over reminds me of exams at school, but those ones don’t seem anywhere near as important to me as this one does. As I watch Dave mark the paper, I start to sweat (not just because of the humidity) and when he’s done he looks at me with his sternest face. Don’t tell me I fallen at the last hurdle?  I’m leaving the Island tomorrow, would there be time for a re-sit?

His face slowly breaks into a smile as he holds his hand out to congratulate me. I didn’t get a clean sweep, but at this moment I could not care that I got a few questions wrong, because I’VE PASSED!!!!!!I am now a certified PADI Divemaster. Where do I fancy? Asia, Caribbean, Australia….. the possibilities are endless.

So sadly now my diary has reached its end. I hope it has been fun to follow, and that maybe it has encouraged a few people to take the plunge and become a PADI diving professional. And who knows, I may be back, but this time recording what the PADI Instructor Course is all about!