Diary of a wannabe Diving Instructor – Part 6

bikeOur days are forming a certain pattern, and today we begin, as ‘normal’ with some exams. I’ve stopped dreading them and have started to appreciate them as a valuable tool to check whether I have all the knowledge I will need to be a good instructor. It’s not just information that I need to know, but also information that I will need to pass onto students, so it’s vital that I get it right. I don’t want to end up looking stupid when a student asks me a question, let’s say, why are my regulators environmentally sealed? And I can’t answer. Also, the effect of the moon on tides is vital to know if I am planning a dive out in the sea. All these things I can now see the point in, and that makes learning them a lot easier!

I’ve heard stories about the next activity today, and not sure if I’m excited or should be dreading it. The Discover Scuba Diving Workshop is where my Instructors simulate a DSD by acting as the students, to give us experience of this common entry level activity. The DSD is a great way for people to follow the PADI Dive Today philosophy, as with a short theory session and briefing, people can get in and do a ‘proper’ dive and experience the thrill of diving in just one day. It’s very common in tropical areas, renowned for their dive sites as many tourists don’t want to necessarily spend a few days in one area, but this allows them to tick the diving box. Many go on to do their Open Water qualification at a later date, so it’s important this course is conducted in a fun yet professional manner.

poolIt’s only as we climb into the pool I realise the chaos that is going to follow. Dave and Alex have been teaching for over 20 years between them, which means they have 20 years worth of student errors to hand, and we are going to see only the worst. Well, really, what could possibly happen? Problems with masks, not clearing a regulator correctly and getting some hand signals confused….surely only so much can go wrong. The next half hour was nothing near what I imagined. If this was the culmination of all those years teaching and students had honestly done all these things, then I’m admitting defeat now!

I won’t spoil the fun by showing you a picture, but I’m sure in a couple of hours, Facebook will be awash with the evidence!