Diary of a wannabe Diving Instructor – Part 4

annieToday is a break from all things diving and time for us to do our Emergency First Response Instructor course. It’s a pre-requisite for the Instructor Exams and is a highly regarded first aid qualification as well enabling us to teach others these valuable skills.  Although it’s compulsory, it covers no diving first aid, instead covering the basic first aid skills needed for both adults and children. Dave informs us that this course is actually taught in many businesses all around the world, from day-care centres to multi-national corporations.

First we refresh our own knowledge before being shown how to teach all the information to future students.  Once we have run through what we should know already, it’s straight into the practical. Little Annie doesn’t know what’s hit her as me and my fellow student start trying to resuscitate a plastic mannequin. Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing but I suppose if it saves someones life one day, what a flushed face?

recoveryOur next task is to create a scenario that Dave can help us as a ‘qualified first responder’, so we get the idea from practical examples (although ketchup was declared a better idea than actually injuring someone for the sake of realism!). Dave acts like a true professional throughout, and how he does this with two giggling girls in front of him I’m not sure, bandaging, splinting and generally patching up as he goes.  Then he breaks it to me that the day will end, as a few have, with a final exam.  Luckily, the practical scenarios today have ensured that the information has stuck in my head, and I pass this one, dare I say, with ease! (certainly easier than I remember the Divemaster exams being!)

It is a pleasantly short day (compared to the last few), and we are just about to go home when it appears that no-one is currently in possession of the NOS. In truth, Kim and myself are disagreeing with each other over who the current holder is, and thought that if we left it long enough, Dave would forget. Turns out not, and the NOS is to be shared. How’s that going to work?