Diary of a wannabe Diving Instructor – Part 3

ow slatesFour days in and I’m still really enjoying myself. However, my hopes of palming off the Necklace of Shame (NOS) are dashed before we’ve even started. It was however, my fault entirely!  I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday, so decided to spend last night trying to fight off whatever was trying to ruin my dream of becoming a PADI Diving Instructor. Some paracetamol and a few garlic cloves were taken, along with early night, and I’m as right as rain today. However, it came at the expense of doing my homework, so the NOS remains firmly around my neck. It’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make if I can carry on the course.

We start with more exams, and because the Instructor course covers much more in depth theory than the Divemaster Course, I’ve got to brush up on my physics and biology if I’m going to ace these tests. But its amazing how easy it becomes when you actually have something to apply it to.  Asking how much air has to be put into a lift bag to successfully surface an anchor is something I want to know!

ow boatIn the afternoon, we go on the boat to complete some Open Water training. This is different to the confined water training in one big way. In confined you are teaching someone a ‘new’ skill, and you can only move onto the next one when you are confident the student has mastered it, and that is in preparation for this moment, the Open Water Dives. At this point, as an instructor, you are not teaching, you are making sure the student can repeat the skill in deeper water. No demonstrations, just a hand signal to tell the student what they should be showing you. It’s the first time I have realized the importance of judging ‘mastery’.  If someone cleared a mask badly in the pool and had to surface to cough and splutter, as happened on my Open Water Course (and yep, it was me!), then it’s a potential nightmare if that student is then asked to do it again in deeper water (which didn’t happen to me as I was not allowed to carry on until I could clear that mask, in the pool, like a pro!).

Back at the centre, with another day finished, I have a thought.  Wow, the responsibility I’m taking on is huge, I hope my judgement is up to the task.