Chaloklums Frog Fish and Sea Horses

Underwater World Koh Phangan

Seahorse in Koh PhanganDiving Koh Phangan has never been so good! After a few reports of sea horses and octopus sightings underneath Chaloklum pier we decided to go on a night dive to check it out for ourselves. What an amazing dive it was! Wwe managed to spot 5 octopus, 2 seahorses, 2 unidentified nudibranches which we are trying very hard to find in every fish journal that is available for this area, without results. We also spotted a pure white scorpion fish and a free swimming frog fish. Now thats not bad for a single night dive just off the beach in Koh Phangan. Photos will follow soon as will a video. We were lucky enough to have our professional award winning underwater photographer Alexey Zaytsev with us, and Evgeny Kovban on video to record the whole dive. Night dive anyone..?