After a week of high winds and constant rainfall we have finally got our old friend  Mr. Sunshine back, we are not to sure where its been or why it decided to bugger off for 3 weeks and quite frankly we don’t care as long as it stays. I would like to say to whomever the  higher power is that controls the movement of dear old Mr Sunshine, please, please, please buy a calender and learn your seasons. May until October we want sunshine everyday, November is the month that it can go hide and sulk.

Now we just need the wind to get off the band wagon and sod off to the west coast and we can get back to normal.

Enough of that, here is a happy picture taken this morning of the pool of which i am going to be teaching in at 11am. That is right i have come out of retirement for a one time only guest appearance, that’s probably why i am in such a joyous mood.


at last sunshine