A fantastic day of Diving with Bull Sharks.

What a great day we had yesterday at the rock, we had a boat full of open water students, Discover scuba divers and fun divers all eager to catch a glimpse of the large Bull Sharks that seem to have taken residency on Sail Rock near Koh Phangan. It’s now already three weeks that Bull Sharks have stayed around for so we hope with sensible diving practices and a lot of luck they will stay around for longer. Other than the Shark action, we are still getting huge schools of fish around Sail Rock! This time, the best dive site of Koh Phangan offered us a stunning 25m visibility and no current at all, making the dives even more memorable. Sail Rock in Koh Phangan is one of the few dive sites that seem to be getting better over time. While corals are decreasing worldwide, and and global warming becomes an obvious problem, Sail Rock remains a colorful pinnacle which is home for Whale Sharks, Bull Sharks, huge Groupers and large schools of Barracudas, Bat Fish, Fusiliers, Travelli, Queen Fish and many more species, sometimes you can even see a Manta Ray fly by! Contact us here for fun diving or diving courses!

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